IDRIM Café Talk Series

The main overarching purpose of this activity is to strengthen the links between IDRiM members in a friendly and informal online setting.

1st IDRiM Café

First Café Talk on 30 March 2021

Theme : Dynamics of my Career

~Key research milestones and how their research has changed by COVID-19~


2nd IDRiM Café

Second Café Talk on 30 June 2021

Theme : Risk Management vs Emergency Management

~Have you ever been confused by the difference between “Risk Management” and “Emergency Management” in disaster research? Lets talk about it ~

Prof. Hirokazu Tatano

  • Presentation PPT : Here

Prof. Charles Scawthorn

  • Presentation PPT : Here

Prof. Qian Ye

  • Presentation PPT : Here

Prof. Andrew Collins

  • Presentation PPT : Here


3rd IDRiM Café

Third Café Talk on 27 August 2021

Theme : Regional Approach to Disaster Management Response  – European Union Civil Protection Mechanism

Dr. Raed Arafat

Presentation material : Here

Mr. Marius Dogeanu

Presentation material : Here

Mr. Pekka Tiainen

Presentation material : Here

4th IDRiM Café

Fourth Café Talk on 9 November 2021

Theme :  Horizon Europe and Japanese Funding Mechanism

5th IDRiM Café

Fifth Café Talk on 1 December 2021

Theme:Gender equality during COVID-19 Pandemic

6th IDRiM Café

Sixth Café Talk on 30 March 2022

Theme:On Academic Publication – Viewpoints and Experiences from Senior Researchers (Journal Editors)

7th IDRiM Café

Seventh Café Talk on 31 May 2022

Theme:Role of DRR institutions in the changing global disaster risk scenario : Views and Contribution of Young DRR Researchers

8th IDRiM Café

Eighth Café Talk on 6 July 2022

Theme: Open Science

9th IDRiM Café

Ninth Café Talk on 1 September 2022

Theme: How did small organizations in Japan and the United States survive the crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic?: Pandemics as a common issue to initiate cross-national collaboration

10th IDRiM Café

Tenth Café Talk on 31 October 2022

Theme: Early Warning System and South Asia Disaster Scenario

11th IDRiM Café

Eleventh Café Talk on 22 November 2022

Theme: Scientific Communication

12th IDRiM Café

12th Café Talk on 31 May 2023

Theme: Is society prepared for future pandemics?

13th IDRiM Cafe

13th Cafe Talk on 6 September 2023

Theme: Knowledge Management Practices in Disaster Risk Reduction: Insights and Experience from Asia and Pacific Countries