Young Scientists Award:

To acknowledge young scientists for outstanding presentations in research content, presentations, and discussions with the audience.


– In-person –

1st : Kshitij Kacker [Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India]

2nd: Nombulelo Kitsepile Nuglube [Kyoto University, Japan]

3rd: Debkalpa Basudas [University of Calcutta, India]

– Online –

1st : Rebecca Richardson [Northumbria University, United Kingdom]

2nd: Sofia Kalogermoitrou [National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece]

3rd: Fengyi Sun [Kyoto University, Japan]


1st : Alberto Fresolone (International Institute fr Applied Systems Analysis, Austria)

2nd: Jeffrey de Vries (University of Twente, Netherlands)

3rd: Nombulelo Kitsepile Ngulube (Kyoto University, Japan)


1st: Tyanita Puti Marindah Wardhani (Kyoto University, Japan)

2nd: Takashi Sugiyama (Kyoto University, Japan)

3rd: Huan Liu (Kyoto University, Japan)


1st: Rouba Iskandar (University Grenoble Alpes, France)

2nd: Meryem Bousebata (University Grenoble Alpes, France)

3rd: Rabab Yassine (Pays de Loudes et des Vallees des Gaves, France)


1st: Genta Nakano (Kyoto University, Japan)

2nd: Hiroaki Daimon (Osaka University, Japan)

3rd: Jihane Elyahyioui(Monash University / CSIRO, Australia)


1st: Martina Calovi (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy)

2nd: Silje Aurora Andresen (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, R.O.C.)

3rd: Flora Guillier (Mission Risques Naturels, France)


1st: Adibzadeh Seyed Benyamin (Islamic Azad University, Iran)

2nd: Asadzadeh Simin (International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Iran)

3rd: Shahbazi Parisa (International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Iran)


1st: Oral – Sumit Dagar (Practical Action Consulting,England)

Poster – Amit Goyal (IIT, Roorkee, India)

2nd: Oral – Hitomu Kotani (Kyoto University, Japan)

Poster – Chiranjib Sharma (IIT, Guwahati, India)

3rd: Oral – Hiroaki Daimon (Osaka University, Japan)

Poster – Kazuhiko Marui (Kansai University, Japan)


1st: Mimi Shi (Beijing Normal University, China)

2nd: Nicholas Agam (Western University, Canada)

3rd: Xing Wei (Beijing Normal University, China)


1st: Xiaoning Wu (Beijing Normal University, China)

2nd: Shiyu Zhang (Kyoto University, Japan)

3rd: Joel C. Gill (King’s College London, England)


1st: Wei Xie (Beijing Normal University, China)

2nd: Xinyu Jiang (Kyoto University, Japan)

3rd: Qian Ke (Delft University of technology, Netherlands)


1st: Jia Lu

2nd: Jiabing Shuai

3rd: Jidong Wu


1st: Tao Ye

2nd: Mayumi Sakamoto

3rd: Lisako Konoshima