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Welcome to the Members page. Here you will find information about eligibility for membership, membership benefits, and types of membership classes.
An open forum for IDRiM Members will be available soon. The forum will be a valuable tool to post questions and answers, to share information, and make announcements of interest to other members interested in integrated disaster risk management issues.

Who can join?
Any person interested in the activities of the society and sharing the same values shall be eligible for membership in one of the six classes of membership. Application for membership can be made online or by submitting a completed application form to the IDRiM Society Secretariat . Membership applications shall be acted upon in accordance with procedures established by the Board of Directors.

Membership benefits
All members become part of a well consolidated network of national and international experts, practitioners, and individuals from around the world working in the disaster risk management field. Furthermore, all members enjoy full free online access to the web-based International Integrated Disaster Risk Management Journal (IDRiM Journal ), a bi-monthly Newsletter , and discounts at IDRiM organized conferences, workshops and other events.

Types of membership classes:

1. Regular members : who pay the regular dues and obtain full right at general meetings.
2. Supporting member : who support reduced fee memberships
3. Supporting organization : organizations who pay extra dues, such as corporations and NGOs.
4. Reduced fee : members who pay the reduced dues because they meet the income requirement for this membership class as specified by the Board of Directors.
5. Student : full-time students engaged in a degree program with an interest in integrated disaster risk management who pay the student dues.
6. Associated organization members : Individuals who are regular members of associated organizations and who pay the associated members fees.
7. Honorary member : members that are recommended by the membership committee and approved by the Board of Directors and are exempt from paying dues. Founding members of IDRiM may be honorary members. Please note that this category is further divided into two categories. Please refer to HERE

Membership Fees

Regular member: 10000Yen/year
Supporting member: 50000Yen/year
Supporting organization: 50000Yen/share
Associated organization 3000Yen/year
Reduced fee: 3000Yen/year
Student: 5000Yen/year

*Difference of the member’s rights, please refer the IDRiM Charter.