European Commission, Joint Research Centre released the technical report on Natech risk management. This guidance is for operators of hazardous industrial sites and for national authorities.

Check the report.

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New Books

Title: Methodologies for Estimating the Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters

Author: Tatano, Hirokazu, Kajitani, Yoshio (Eds.)


You can find it at: Here

Title: Extreme and Systemic Risk Analysis

Author: Hochrainer-Stigler, Stefan

Year: 2020

You can find it at: Here

Title: Disaster Risk Communication  A Challenge from a Social Psychological Perspective

Author: Yamori, Katsuya (Ed.)

Year: 2020

You can find it at: Here or Here

Title: Economic Consequence Analysis of Disasters   The E-CAT Software Tool

Author: Rose, Adam (et al.)

Year: 2017

You can find it at: Here

Title: Defining and Measuring Economic Resilience from a Societal, Environmental and Security Perspective

Author : Rose, Adam

Year: 2017

You can find it at: Here

The Handbook of Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction edited by B. Wisner, I. Kelman and JC Gaillard with its 872 pages and 65 chapters, is a comprehensive review of hazards and disaster risk reduction from the perspectives of physical, engineering, biological and medical sciences, social sciences, humanities (e.g. religion, music and film) and includes many practical planning approaches at scales from the community and city to the nation and globe.

You can find it at: and if you enter the code LRJ50 (valid through October 30th) or, after 30 October, enter the code ERJ67 you receive a 20% discount. There is also a form there on line to order for a library. This offer is valid for everyone.